Sorry the Twitter link but this thread sums up very well what I think about the Apple CSAM situation:

Please don't spread fallacies. I'm not happy about this either, but it's no reason to not carefully examine all considerations.

If they indeed have plans to make iCloud Photos E2EE, seems like that's the trade-off. What would you prefer: non-E2EE service with scanning done on remote servers, or E2EE service with scanning done prior to upload? Seems like the latter would benefit to most people.

Of course, I'd argue that neither solution is perfect. As for me, I'm still saying away from services I don't have reasons to trust.


Want to make sure people understand I'm not trying (and I won't ever) to defend Apple. Just saying client-side CSAM is a bit more nuanced than what people want it to be.

Of course it's bad, and it will affect end users' privacy. Just not the way people may think.

Pixel + GrapheneOS is the superior choice. Don't see why you would choose an iPhone over this (except personal preference), especially with the work being done on sandboxed Play services.

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